During the great starvation; - in Ireland 1846-1851
the death of 1,5 million people and children the sole
humanitarian relief came, only from the Emperor of
Turkey (Ottoman Empire)


The unique Emperor of the Ottoman Empire  "HHIM -
 Sultan Abdülmecid Han 1847.
Remember the Past to Save
 the Future.


President Excellency Abraham Lincoln

The unique President Excellency " Abraham Lincoln is
Turkish descendent, - confirmed and proven by Prof. Dr.
 Brent Kennedy USA.

Excellency Abraham Lincoln
teaching his son about
world history.

An other unique present to the founding father of America;  -  to his Excellency President George Washington
for ever in Washington/USA 1848-1854 from the unique Emperor of the (Ottoman Empire) HHIM the Sultan
Abdülmecid Han.

The Emperor Sultan Abdülmecid Han &.George Washington for ever their unique brotherhood and their
secrecy in Washington/USA this bound of love cant never break.
(Remember the Past to Save the Future).

The Story: (Comming Soon)

The Emperor Sultan Abdülmecid Han &. President George Washington another unique present and for ever
their unique brotherhood and their secrecy at the George Washington Memorial in Virginia/USA since 1752.

The Emperor Sultan Abdülmecid Han and President George Washington for ever their unique brotherhood
and secrecy at the George Washington Memorial in Virginia/USA this bound of love cant  never break.

(If you dont know the past; - you will not succeed the future)

Irish World Heritage Center

The Irish Famine

The Great Hunger Foundation

The Irish Hunger

Boston Irish Famine Memorial

The Irish Memorial

The Earl Grey Scheme

John F. Kennedy Library & Museum

The Irish Famine Memorial Australia

New York Irish Famine Memorial

Wild Gees Heritage Museum

World Wide My Wild Gees

World Wide Wild My Flowers

The Untold Story

Statue of Liberty have been opened in New York
October 25, 1886 and the untold story;
The Statue of Liberty in New York/USA have been paid actually by the Emperor HHIM Sultan Abdülaziz Han
of Ottoman Empire (Turkey) in 1870 as it was originally named The Light of Asia. The feminine look and the
size with 93 meters, hight of the sculpture was chosen and named by
HHIM Emperor Sultan Abdülaziz Han he
was a great expert in Art, Sculpture and Paintings.
The Emperor Sultan Abdülaziz Han gave the order to the french artist Frederic Auguste Bartholdi with full
down payment
to start with the production of the sculpture.

After some time the sculpture was finished and shipped from France before the great opening ceremony to Suez
which was in that time Ottoman Empire soil (today Egypt). The Governor of the teritories did not like
the sculpture and they send it back to France again.

The Emperor Sultan Abdülaziz Han of (Ottoman Empire) - was agreed with Frederic Auguste Bartholdi to give
the Statue as a present to America; - The
Emperor Sultan Abdülaziz Han died (he was killed), - before the great
opening ceremony in New York.

In October 25, 1886 received The Light of Asia a new name; - The Statue of Liberty and have been installed in
New York with
Frederic Auguste Bartholdi,
Mr. Gustave Eiffel, Mr.
Edouard Rene Lefebvre de Laboulaye and
Ferdinand de Lesseps'i .

Mr. Frederic Auguste Bartholdi sold the sculpture again, - for another $ 100.000.- to Mr. Joseph Pulitzer, - in
New York; - and he paid the amount with the campaign money, - for the Statue of Liberty; - which he recived
from the citizens of New York as a donation.

" The Untold Story"  from his relatives around the world of HHIM
Emperor Sultan Abdülaziz Han,  from the
(Ottoman Dynasty).

The Statue of Liberty in New York is Pure Ottoman Turkish Art.

A - The design and blue print was made by HHIM Emperor Sultan Abdülaziz Han.

B - The burning torch as visible in her right hand and the meaning The Light of Asia.

C - Crown with 7 seven leading angles and the meaning 1- The Emperor of Ottoman Sultan Han Dynasty
2- The Emperor of the 7 seas and oceans 3- The Emperor of 7 continent 4- The Emperor of eternity 5- The
 Emperor of 7 climates
6- The Emperor of 7 secrecy 7- The Emperor of 7 friendship and freedom.

D - The North Star with ten angles at the socle; - the Turks have been using the North Star in the Ottoman
 Empire flag and in the Ottoman Dynasty and over 11.000 years in Central Asia, North Asia, East Asia,
South Asia,
 West Asia, with their ancestor "Uyghur Empire and relatives with the emperor of China; -
Xin, Chin, Tung, Han, Ming, Sung, and Manchu Dynasty  etc. as
very well known at the forbidden city.

At the left the North
star with 16 stars (the meaning of 17 Turkish Dynasty in Asia and smaller Asia for 11000
) it is the National emblem Republic of Turkey. At the right the Northstar with 4 stars (the meaning of 5
Chinese Dynasty), -
it is the National emblem
of the Peoples Republic of China. The emblem with "Northstar
represents the two ancient nations common shared, history, dynasty and culture for over 11.000 years  in Asia
and smaller Asia.
The peoples Republic of Turkey and the peoples Republic of China.
The Palace of Heavenly Purity is exact 90 degree under the North Star click the uniqe Movie The last Emperor
(Puyi) and his brother (Puchi)
and the sad story,- when China was occupyed by foreign nations and their troops
 like Nan King, Pekin
, - the unique and beautiful Summer Pallace in Pekin was burned, destroyed the priceless
 treasury of Chinese Dynasty was stolen and tens of thousands killed (Genocide)
in China/Asia.

The beautiful summer Pallace burned by occupier in Pekin/China

In the year 2005 Mr. Yves Saint Laurent as one owner from the many; - some of those priceless treasury of
Chinese Dynasty back to China.

The Picture of the great Chinese Emperor Hai Rui Ming Dynasty/Mandarin one of the many Chinese Emperor
his Turkish ancestors 11.000 years In Asia the Turks and their script and their first religion ever in Asia,
Shamanism, Heaven Worship, Ancestor Worship, Buddism, Tao, Tai Chi in Kansu in Central and South Asia.
The Turks
11.000 years in Asia.
- The magnificent Music Concert to the last Emperor Aysin Puyi.
The flags of two ancient people from the past. Peoples Republic of Turkey and the peoples Republic of China.

Chinese Harp in Central Asia from the Uyghur Empire.

The ancient Mazu Temple in Tien Chin/Manchuria and the yellow Manchu/Turks Uighur Empire
The Uygur Empire,
(The Empire of the Sun).- Prof. Dr. Churchwald claims: “Next to Mu herself,
the Uighur Empire was the largest empire the world has ever known.

The Uyghur Empire (The Empire of the Sun).
Tien-Chin (Goast of Purity) Manchuria and Tien-Chan (Near to Purity) Pamir Mountains.

(The Manchu and Uyghur Clan). The Untold Story from,  descendants and the relatives, - of the Emp. Hai Rui
Ming Dynasty, the Emp. of HHIM Emperor Sultan Abdülaziz Han, - Emp. Abdülmecid Han Ottoman Dynasty,-
and from the Emp. of Manchu Dynasty/China
. -The magnificent Music Concert to the last Emperor Puyi. Nara
means (
Manchu:, Wade-Giles:, Nara hala, Chinese: 納喇氏, 納蘭氏 or 那拉氏) - is a major Manchu clan. The
Hūlun Four States (扈倫四部) -- Hada, Ula, Hoifa and Yehe -- were ruled by this clan.. In English translation
Nara means the "Sun" and Sun means the Uyghur Empire (The Empire of the Sun)  t
he most prominent of the
Naras were the Yehe and
Ula with the Yehe being one of the eight great Manchu aristocratic lines, a number of
famous Chinese, including the
Empress Dowager Cixi were from this clan Present-day descendants of the Nara
clan generally adopt "Na" as a
family name,
so that it would be similar to the usually monosyllabic Han family
names. Those descended from the Yehe Nara tribe might also choose "Ye" or "He".

HHIM Emperor Sultan Abdülaziz Han he was the brother of HHIM Emperor Sultan Abdülmecid Han Ottoman
(Remember the past to save the future).


In Bayreuth/Germany the great Mr. Richard Wagner, - and his Opera was bankruptcy in 18'th century; - the
Emperor Sultan Abdülmecid Han from the Ottoman Empire, -
helped immediately, supported,
contributed to
 Richard Wagner's Bayreuth Opera and his several project
s with huge financial donation and he visited many
 times his Opera in Bayreuth/Bavaria/ Germany.

Richard Wagner Bayreuth Opera 21'st century and the personal visit of HHIM
Sultan Abdülmecid Han; -  grand children; -  from Ottoman Dynasty.

HHIM Emperor Sultan Abdülmecid Han from the Ottoman Dynasty was the first ever supporter, contributer
 and donater, as a "Royal Family" member in western Europe for Opera, Ballet and Theatre projects, he was
continuously visiting
Paris, London, Vienna, Milan - especially R
ichard Wagners Opera, Ballet and Theatre
in Bayreuth/

Mr. Richard Wagner's Bayreuth Opera authorities showed; - "HHIM from the Ottoman Dynasty" in the 18'th
 century as an unique Emperor and the first ever example sole person; - to all Royal families in western Europe,
how he supported,
contributed, donated and understand the high value, the future of classical music and Opera
 in Europe and world wide.

Please note; - In the 18'th century "HHIM from Ottoman Dynasty" if he would not supported, - contributed,
and understand the value, the future of classical music and Opera especially with Richard Wagner's
 Bayreuth Opera; - today we  would not have the same famousity in Germany, Europe and world wide, - about
Richard Wagner's Bayreuth Opera.

The personal visit of HHIM Sultan Abdülaziz Han; - from Ottoman Empire to Mr.Richard Wagner's Bayreuth
Opera in 18'th century and to the Wahnfried House.- The Exile in Zuerich Mr.Richard Wagner for 10 years in
Exile Zuerich/Switzerland.

The city of Bayreuth/Germany and the Richard Wagner's Bayreuth Opera thanks for ever; - to HHIM Sultan
 Abdülaziz Han
from the Ottoman Dynasty (Turkey) for his sole help to Richard Wagner's Opera which became
 today in Europe and world wide
for it's famousity, importance and highlighted every year with great festivity
 over centuries.

HHIM Sultan Abdülaziz Han from the Ottoman Dynasty,  was very well educated and he was an expert in art,
 paintings, sculpture and all kind of music, but especially in classical music and he was playing extra ordinary
 piano as an Emperor and composing western, asian and oriental music.

In the 18'th century in Istanbul were living, working very famous musicians they were giving classical music
at the Dolmabahce Pallace and in concert hall's;  - the few from the many Mr. Franz Liszt, - Mr. Elie
 Alvars (Harp), Mr. Leopold de Meyer, Mr. Eugene Vivier, Mr. Henri Vieuxtemps, Mr. August'de Adelburg, Mr.
 Henryk Wieniawski, -
from (Danemark) the well known  famous and unique author,  for (Children Books) Mr.
Hans Christian Andersen) visited the concerts and lived in Istanbul too.

The famous pianist Mr. Leopold de Meyer after some time he left the Pallace and Istanbul in the 18'th century
and went to United States
, - as a first musician ever, to introduce and make the classical western music famous
 in America; - which came true
and he became very famous and well known with the Machmudier, Air guerrier
 des Turques"
in America.


HHIM Sultan Abdülaziz Han from the Ottoman Empire received from the Queen Victoria the Most Noble
Order of the Garter
of United Kingdom it was founded by King Edward of England in 1348; - additonally
she organized an
extra ordinary weekend with musical festival and highlight in London for HHIM Sultan
 Abdülaziz Han
at the Crystal Pallace in the final day and evening played the orchestra"Ode to the Sultan"
which was composed by "Zafiraki Efendi" the musical festival and highlight end-it with a huge firework.

At the St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle/London  are the owner of St. George's Knights of the Garter; -
and Kinship for their Descendants The (Kinship).

Additionally her Majesty Queen Victoria designed especially for HHIM Sultan Abdülaziz Han his new coat
of arms of the Ottoman Empire.

Mr.Richard Wagner's son in law the famous and unique Hungarian pianist Mr.Franz Liszt lived long time in
 Istanbul/Ottoman Empire; -
Mr. Franz Liszt in Dublin/Ireland; - Mr.Fanz Liszt in Budapest/ Hungary; -
Mr.Franz Liszt in Bayreuth/Bavaria; -
came in 1847 to the Imperial city Istanbul/ Ottoman Empire, during his stay for few month he gave many concert at the
Dolmabahce Pallace and was favourite in Istanbul, he received
 - a badge of an order and the personal order i
rade-i Seniye from HHIM Emperor Sultan Abdülmecid Han.

HHIM Emperor Sultan Abdülmecid Han tryed very hard in 1848 to turn the house of the famous and genious
Hungarian pianist Mr. Franz Liszt in Beyoğlu/Istanbul in to a museum; - could not succeed it; - as he
was killed before.

Against Neglect

In 1524 the first ever world wide projected Ballet was in Istanbul/Topkapi Pallace during the Ottoman Empire
 Dynasty and
period of HHIM Emperor Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent Han.

"The Ballet" was first ever invented by "Circassians/Adige Principality in Caucasia" and originally, it is their
 National Circasian Dance and over centuries it is the stolen culture of the unique and proud Adige/Circassian
 Nation and people The Circassians like Mr.Ernesto Che Guevara or unique Mrs. Loreena McKennitt and their
 ancestors; - with the music and title Night Ride Across Caucasus click
the original  Adige/Circassian "Ballet"

In 1520 the classical western music came in to the Topkapi Pallace/ Istanbul during the period of Ottoman
 Empire and Dynasty
of HHIM Emperor Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent Han, he received as present from
King of France François the I. many, many  french musicians as gratitude for his sole help; - for many times
to France and french people.

The Statue of Liberty and New York

In remembrance New York September 11, 2001 The Statue of Liberty and New York - terrorist attacks world
 trade center Foto: National Park Service September 11, 2001.

 New York terrorist attacks WTC September 11, 2001
Foto: The National Park Service September 11, 2001

During the terrorist attacks in - New York world trade center September 11, 2001  have been killed 457 Turkish
citizens" and additionally countless former Turkish citizens - in remembrance of our family members; - and to
 our friends from ninety countries.

In remembrance Istanbul November 20, 2003

Photo: Istanbul/Turkey terrorist attacks November 20, 2003 during the terrorist attacks in Istanbul/Turkey
 to a Turkish Bank to British Consulate, and two Synagogues have been approximateley five hundred person
injured; - and countless have killed 20. 11. 2003.

Against neglect

We the people  of Ireland&Turkey  we know very well
 and we will never forget our true world history to make
a better future for all of us.

The pictures and content are from Turkish&Irish Ambassador and Diplomats, Topkapı Pallace
 Istanbul/Turkey, - Archives of Topkap
ı Pallace Istanbul/Turkey, City of Dublin/Ireland, City of
 Drogheda/Ireland, Football Club of Drogheda/ Ireland, Naval Museum Istanbul/Turkey, Naval
 Museum Dublin/Ireland, Naval Museum Drogheda, private collection of Turkish&Irish family
members around the world

And from the Emerald&Turkish family member Mehmet Ali Yıldız Istanbul/Turkey.

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