During the great starvation; - in Ireland 1846-1851
the death of 1,5 million people and children the sole
humanitarian relief came only from the Emperor of
Turkey (Ottoman Empire)


The city of Dublin/Ireland remembers 1847


Picture:1847 The Turkish 7'th  fleet in port of Dublin and port of Drogheda/Ireland.

The unique humanitarian aid to the Irish people during the great starvation; - and death in Ireland; - the Turkish 7'th fleet; - fully loaded, with food, medicine, live - stock, seeds to raise agriculture essentials and financial donation.


Against neglect

Photo: The Noblemen,- Gentlemen,- Inhabitants of Ireland; - and guests from Turkey and our Irish&Turkish families; -  remembers world wide over centuries; their unique and true part of the world history.



The Unique Noblemen, Gentlemen, Inhabitants of Ireland thanks;- only to the Unique Emperor and people of Turkey.



The Unique Turkish Emperor
Sultan Abdulmecid Han 1847



We the people of Ireland&Turkey we know very well, and we will never forget our true world history to make a better future for all of us.



Picture: The Tomb of unique Mr. Thomas Ashe

The freedom fair name and happiness of the Gael
were my only desire from my earlist days.
In 1917
Statement of Mr.Thomas Ashe; - if you dont know
the past; - you will not succeed the future.


Picture: The Hon. Mr. James Joyce
Born 1882 in Rathger Dublin/Ireland


Picture:Hon. Mr. James Joyce the unique Novelist of Ireland, The Exils, The Dubliners, The Ulysses and Finnegans Wake.

I will not serve that in which I no longer believe whether it call itself my home, my fatherland, my church, or my religion: and I will try to express myself in some mode of life;- or art;- as a free man;- as I can and as wholly as I can, using for my defence; - the only arms I allow myself to use; - silence, exile, and cunning.


Picture: The Tomb of unique Mr. James Joyce
he died 1941 in Fluntern/Zurich (Please Visit)



Hon. Mr. Samuel Barclay Beckett

Dramatist and Poet Nobel Prize in Literature 1969
and Born April 3, 1906 in Foxrock/Dublin/Ireland


I spend the years, of learning squandering
the courage, for all the years of wandering
through a world; - with out politely turning
and from all the loutishness of the learning


Hon. Mr. Samuel Barclay Beckett 1943

Mr. Samuel Barclay Beckett during the Holocaust and Shoah 1933-1945 lived in France and he was in the resistance fighting against the Nazi-Vichy-French Government and the Nazi-German army occupation, he worked in secrecy; - with unique Turkish Ambassador and Turkish Diplomats in Paris - Grenoble and Lyon especially in southern France/Marseille; with unique Turkish Ambassador Necdet Kent and in Paris with the Turkish Consul Hasan Esat Işık saving lives and to conceal Jews, families and children from mass deportation to the (Industrylized Death Camps like Auschwitz) and to the concentration camps in  France.

For your information please go to concentration camps (Death Camps) in France Vittel, Drancy, Natzweiler, Paris, Gurs, in total 70 concentration camps was installed in France; - Please go to Desperate Hours.eu (Remember Hon. Samuel Barclay Beckett).

The Tomb of unique Samuel Beckett; - at the Cimetière
Montparnass - died December 22, 1989 Paris/France




Oscar Wild - born during the great starvation an death 1854
(If you dont know the past; - you will not succeed the future).

The pictures and content are from Turkish&Irish Ambassador and Diplomats, Topkapı Pallace Istanbul/Turkey, Archives of Topkapı Pallace IstanbulTurkey, City of Dublin/Ireland, City of Drogheda/Ireland, Football Club of Drogheda/ Ireland, Naval Museum Istanbul/Turkey, Naval Museum Dublin/Ireland, Naval Museum Drogheda, private collection, Turkish&Irish family members around the world.

And from the Emerald&Turkish family member Mehmet Ali Yıldız Istanbul/Turkey.

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