During the great starvation; - in Ireland 1846-1851
the death of 1,5 million people and children the sole
humanitarian relief; came only from the Emperor of
Turkey (Ottoman Empire)


Photo: The Topkapı Pallace (I.) Istanbul/Turkey

Imperial City Istanbul with Music, Culture and Technology

From 1453 on the Imperial City Istanbul was during the period of Ottoman Empire the headquarter of progress in invention, music, ballet, theatre, culture, know how, technology, art, universal literature, education, law, trade, three different religion, tolerance, humanity and the melting pot; - as it was called later - the city of Istanbul was once New York, - some invention during the period of Ottoman Dynasty was world shaking, few to mention.

"The First Manned Rocket Flight in Orbit "
Legari Hasan Çelebi 1612-1640",  until today the material "The Unknown Metallurgical Hardware and Alloying, - "The Tiles of Iznik/Nicea" which is still beeing using until today at the NASA Space programm Gemini, Apollo, Space Shuttles, "The sole protection against high temperatures. The tieles-shield technology of all Space-Shuttles and Space-Vehicles world wide are from Iznik/Turkey" the stolen technology.

Unique Elten John Rocket Man a song for the genious Mr. Legari Hasan Çelebi
1972 with Atlantic Records Ahmet Ertegun/USA.

Picture: The Weekly World News; - confirmed by Norwegian scientist Mr. Roffavik; - World Wide the "First Space Rocket Inventer" and the "First Flying Man in to Space with Rocket; - was a Turk unique and genious Mr. Legari Hasan Çelebi 1612 - 1640 in Istanbul/Ottoman Empire.

The spread of rockets into Europe was also influenced by the Ottomans at the siege of Constantinople in 1453, although it is very likely that the Ottomans themselves were influenced by the Mongol invasions of the previous few centuries. In their history of rockets published on the Internet, NASA says "Rockets appear in Central Asian and Chinese literature in 1258 A.D., describing Mongol invaders' use of them to capture citys. The Rocket technology first became known to Europeans by the Ottoman Turks following by their ancestor by the Mongols, - Cengiz Khan,- and Ögedei Khan,- etc. when they conquered parts of Russia, Eastern, and Central Europe.

Mrs. Julie London Fly me to the Moon for the genious "Legari Hasan Çelebi" 1964 Atlantic records Jazz and Mr.Nesuhi Ertegun/USA.

Picture: World Wide the "First Rocket Man", the "First Rocket Vehicle Inventer" ever and "Successful Manned Human Space Flight, Rocket and Flight." was a Ottoman Turk the unique and genious "Mr. Legari Hasan Çelebi" 1612-1640 in Istanbul/Ottoman Empire.

The unique and genius "Mr. Legari Hasan Çelebi" he was expelled, - from Istanbul, lost his house,- home,- family,- children,- relatives,- and home land called evil and devil; - by islamic groups.

The unique and genious "Mr. Lagari Hasan Çelebi" died in exile and in poverty in the Ukrain/Crimean Island. Afterwards the first ever modern Academy/University for rocket technology was installed in Ukrain/Crimean Island "Mr. Lagari Hasan Çelebi in exile".

For the unique and genious Mr. Hezerfen Ahmet Çelebi a song from Europe
1982 with Atlantic Records/Ahmet Ertegun USA.

Picture: The flight route of the unique and genious Mr. Hezerfen Ahmet Çelebi from Europe (European Continent) to Asia (Asian Continent); - the flight length was approximately over 3,6 km/2,5miles.

The Silver Convention Fly Robin Fly a song for Hezerfen Ahmet Çelebi
1976 with Atlantic Records Ahmet Ertegun/USA.

Picture: World Wide the "First Flying Man" ever and the "First Flight Vehicle Inventer" ever was a Ottoman Turk the unique and genius Mr. Hezerfen Ahmet Çelebi 16'th century in Istanbul/Ottoman Empire.

Picture: The "First Flying Man" ever and "Inventer of a Flight Vehicle" the genious Mr. Hezerfen Ahmet Çelebi a legendary Ottoman Turk aviator and his legendary flight from Europe (European Continent) Istanbul, to Asia (Asian Continent).

The unique and genius "Mr. Hezerfen Ahmet Çelebi" he was expelled, - from Istanbul, lost his house,- home,- family,- and home land called evil and devil; - by islamic groups.

The flyer legends on the roots of the genious "Mr. Hezerfen Ahmet Çelebi" he lived in exile; - and in poverty; - and afterwards he was killed in Algeria or on the way to Algeria...

The Imperial City Istanbul/Turkey
The Original and Ancient Obelisk from Egypt

The original and ancient Egyptian Obelisque (Dikilitaş) in Istanbul - Turkey; - The Obelisk was built in 1550 BC at Luxor in Egypt. The Byzantion Emporer Theodosius errected it in 390 AD. This amazing carved monument once was at the south of the 7'th Pylon of the Great Temple of Amun (Amon) in ancient Thebes (Luxor).

Its original height was thought to have been approximately 30 meters (98 feet) and its weight is estimated to have been 400 tons.

In the process of transporting this massive monolith to Turkey, it was split into two or three pieces and what remains now is a monument of 29.6 meters (95 feet) in height. It is felt by some that the lower portion was once also on display in Istanbul but that portion is now missing and thought to have been used as the material for other building in the city.

The Imperial City Istanbul/Turkey
The Original and Ancient Obelisk from Egypt

By the order of the Byzantine Emporer Theodosius reigned from AD 379-395, it was taken from Egypt and transported to its current location. The obelisk is Istanbul's oldest monument, having been carved in Egypt during the 15th Century BC (3.500 years ago) and having found its current home in AD 390 at the Square of Horses (Hippodrome Square in Istanbul). The column is situated in front of and to the west of the famous Blue Mosque . 


The Irish&Evliya Çelebi from Istanbul/Turkey unique Hon. Mr. John Freely.

He remarks in his book "I feel in silent the companionship of Evliya Çelebi. Where he goes; - I am going there too; - after (300) years in his words about (The Turkish Explorer Evliya Çelebi) told by well known writer Mr. John Freely he lived for a very long time and became a noble man from Istanbul-Turkey like his ancestors from Ireland; -  Hon. Mr. John Freely wrote many books about the city, the history and excursion in Istanbul/Turkey. 

Between those above mentioned written books, he wrote his first famous book with Hillary Summer-Boyd (Strolling Through İstanbul) which was printed in 1972 afterwards he wrote the well known book (The Imperial City Istanbul) then in 1974 (The Istanbul Sketches).

The Dolmabah
çe Pallace II. Imperial City Istanbul/Turkey

Hon. Mr. John Freely in Ireland and his Grandfathers Donkey/Cart

To understand the way Mr. John Freely looks and explains the City, Istanbul and Turkey is behind it's own identity, and defined in two elements; - first he was born 1936 in New York/USA to a Irish emigrant family; - second at the age of 5 (five) again back in Ireland, and he met the first time in his life the city of Istanbul-Turkey.

Suddenly he understand to being a true part of Ireland&Istanbul-Turkey, - additionally because of his grandfathers, grandfather the famous (Hon. Mr. Tomas Ashe the I.) he lived 142 years a go,  for a very long time in Istanbul during the Ottoman Empire dynastie.

The Dolmabahçe Pallace II. Imperial City Istanbul/Turkey

Hon. Mr. John Freely he remarks; - Istanbul-Turkey and (Istanbul-Ottoman Empire) is not strange to any one in their neighborhood in Ireland, they do still know all the countless people with their names who took part; - during the Crimian war; - and later during the battles at the Dardanells; - (The Independence War Republic of Turkey and his founder President Mustafa Kemal Atatürk).

Please note Hon. Mr. John Freely have a huge, very famous and noble  family members around the world, few to mention are as follows; - Hon. Mr. Thomas Ashe the II. who was wounded at the Crimian war and related ancestor to Hon. Mr. Tomas Asas in Ireland.


Photo: The Great Thomas Ashe (Asas) the I.
(The Ash family members)

Photo:  The Great Thomas Ashe the  II. an Irish&Turkish noble man from Istanbul 1870 (The Ash family members).

Hon. Mr. Thomas Ashe have been wounded during the battles of the Crimian war at the north Black See region, he received a long medical treatment at the (Florence Nightingale's Selimiye - Military Barracks Hospital) in Istanbul-Ottoman Empire,- after a while he recovered and returned back to Ireland.


Photo: Excellency Mr. Michael Collins in 1916 Irish Defense Minister and later he became the new Irish Tresory Minister. His Excellancy Mr. Michael Collins, another ancestor of the very famous and noble Mr. J. Freely and Tomas Ashe from Ireland.


Photo: Excellency Mr. Eamon de Valera; - another relative of Hon. Mr. John Freely and of Tomas Asas and the Irish President his Excellancy  Hon. Eamon de Valera.

Photo: The Irish President his Excellancy Eamon de Valera and the unique President of United States Excellancy John F. Kennedy in 1963 Dublin/Ireland.


Photo: The Irish President his Excellancy Eamon de Valera and the unique President of United States Excellancy John F. Kennedy in 1963 Dublin/Ireland.

Picture: In 1868 from Oxford and Cambridge University to Istanbul


Mr. Ian Sherwood from Dublin&Istanbul; - another exceptional personality lived for a long time in Istanbul, he came in 1858 from Oxford and Cambridge University, to became a  noble man from Istanbul, he was born in Dublin/Ireland afterwards he became an angelican priest and served in Ireland, England, Rumania and finally for ten years in Istanbul-Turkey, he served as a priest to the English community in Istanbul-Turkey.

The source: Remember and Never Forget Istanbul; - by Leyla Neyzi Tarih Vakfı Yurt Yayınları.

Picture: The unique map of famous Turkish Admiral Piri Reis in the sixteenth century of Europe; -  and the route of the Turkish 7'th fleet to Ireland with humanitarian aid; - 6000 miles from Istanbul to the port of Dublin and port of Drogheda/Ireland.

The Turkish Admiral Piri Reis and his another ancient map the antarctica landmass the way it is benath the ice.


The unique compass invented by famous Turkish Admiral Piri Reis in the (16'th) sixteenth century.

The coat of Emperor Sultan Abdülmecid Han
Turkish naval 7'th fleet in 1847.


Picture: In 1847 the Turkish 7'th  fleet in port of Dublin and port of Drogheda/Ireland.

The unique humanitarian aid to the Irish people during the great starvation; - and death in Ireland; - the Turkish 7'th fleet; - fully loaded, with food, medicine, live - stock, seeds to raise agriculture essentials and financial donation.

Against neglect

Photo: The Noblemen,- Gentlemen,- Inhabitants of Ireland; - and guests from Turkey and our Irish&Turkish families; -  remembers world wide over centuries;  their unique and true part of the world history.


The Noblemen, Gentlemen, Inhabitants
of Ireland thanks; - only to the Emperor
and people of Turkey.


The unique Turkish Emperor
Sultan Abdulmecid Han 1847


We the people of Ireland&Turkey we know very well and we will never forget our true world history to make a better future for all of us.


Oscar Wild - born during the great starvation an death 1854 (If you dont know the past; - you will not succeed the future).

The pictures and content are from Turkish&Irish Ambassador and Diplomats, Topkapı Pallace Istanbul/Turkey, Archives of Topkapı Pallace IstanbulTurkey, City of Dublin/Ireland, City of Drogheda/Ireland, Football Club of Drogheda/ Ireland, Naval Museum Istanbul/Turkey, Naval Museum Dublin/Ireland, Naval Museum Drogheda, private collection, Turkish&Irish family members around the world.

And from the Emerald&Turkish family member “Mehmet Ali Yıldız„ Istanbul/Turkey

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